Antifascist message from a militias member in Donbas

Андрей Лавин, 29 September 2014: “My grandmother was considered to be Greek. Our ancestors understood that people fighting against the evil have no nationality. Fascism is the evil. That’s why fascists must not pass. Our mission is exactly this; to fight against fascism, so that this evil is defeated. No matter how strongly they try to enforce it.”
The antifascist caravan called him comandante Andrei. He was one of the Donbas militias that had contact with the caravan and the caravan was honored to spend a whole night with them on September 29. Andrei is responsible for the press and his group is active in the region of Lugansk and particularly Severodonetsk and Stahanov. The Greek delegation has asked him to send a message to the Greek Antifascist Campaign for Ukraine. Andrei’s grandmother was Greek. Thousands of people are of Greek origin in the region of Donbass. The vast majority of them support the antifascist struggle. Andrei’s message is dedicated to the Greek people killed in the village Sartana some days ago by the attack of Ukrainian army and all the people killed by fascism. No Pasaran!
You can watch the video (Greek subtitles) here.

Message of Pavel Korchagin, member of the parliament of People’s Republic of Luhansk

Message of Pavel Korchagin, member of the parliament of People’s Republic of Luhansk: “Dear Greek comrades! All we are fighting one and the same enemy – in Novorossia, in Greece or any country – the enemy is the same – it’s capitalism. And today in Novorossia we rose up in rebellion against the domination of oligarchy. We revolted against the very fact that factories and plants can belong to just one person but not to the people who work there, who built them – who should get the profits from those factories but not paltry sum of money. Greek comrades, let’s in united front, in united International – fight and we will win all the troubles and their causes – the origins of all the troubles happening in our poor country – the capitalism. Viva anti-capitalism! No pasaran!”