ANTARSYA’s open call for the upcoming European elections

ANTARSYA addresses an open call for a wide rally of anti-capitalist/anti-imperialist/anti-EU forces in the wake of the May European elections. The full text of the call is the following:

  • Against the Europe of capital, racism and war, for an internationalist breach with and disengagement from the EU
  • In favour of the workers’ and peoples’ rights, against the government of the euro-memoranda and the right-wing opposition, for the debt deletion and the workers’ control
  • Struggle for peace and internationalist solidarity of the peoples, against NATO, imperialism and nationalism
  • For a wide rally of anti-capitalist/anti-imperialist/anti-EU forces

1. The 2019 European elections are held in a period where both Europe and Greece are facing a turning point. The crisis that broke out in the global capitalist system in 2008 cannot be surpassed, while new clouds are gathering on the horizon. The contradictions between the imperialist centres and the bourgeois classes are getting stronger, war and military preparations are a part of the daily agenda. The political systems are becoming more reactionary. On the ground of the financial and political crisis of the EU grows the current of racism, nationalism and the far-right that even takes up governmental positions.

Domestically, it is fully revealed in the eyes of hundreds of thousands of workers that the policy of the SYRIZA administration is failing, as they promised to “wipe out the memoranda” within the Eurozone and the EU, only to lead to a further escalation of the capitalist assault, a permanent supervision, and a joining of hands with the most aggressive choices of the USA-NATO imperialism, in order to serve the interests of the Greek capital in the region.

But the situation is far from one-sided. Because at the same time, movements and resistances are growing. Each time that the dominant classes proclaim their “final” victory, the people and the movements prove them wrong. From the “yellow vests” movement to the antifascist and antiracist struggles and strikes, the workers and the lower class are not giving up. They find ways to remove the veil of consent and defeatism, to trace the “other way” that the working people need.

2. The course of things demonstrates that two paths lie ahead of the workers and the people in our country and in Europe as well: either the bourgeois political forces will impose their own “exit” from the capitalist crisis over the shoulders of the workers and the people, or the labour movement and the people will impose their own anti-capitalist alternative forcing the ruling class to pay the price, against the barbaric exploitation, the competitions and wars, the repression and anti-democratic enforcements, the ecological catastrophe.

The struggling forces of the Left need to fight the political and electoral battles so that the popular discontent will be oriented towards a “left, overturning, anti-EU” direction, and not in a right or far-right one.  This includes a struggle for the rights and liberties of the workers and the people against the government, aiming towards the shaking and the overthrowing of the policy of the capital, the EU, the IMF and the bourgeois political system, as well as an unwavering front against nationalism, racism and the threat of fascism.

3. The dominant forces in the Union seek to trap the peoples of Europe into the dilemma “European way”, “democracy” on the one hand and nationalism, “racism”, “far right” on the other.

Correspondingly, in our county, SYRIZA propagates the dilemma “SYRIZA or the Right”, “progressive pole or extreme neoliberalism and far-right”.

But the political base of the government and the bourgeois opposition is the same. It is the interests of the bourgeoisie, the euro-memoranda, the support of Atlanticism and the policy of the capital. This is the policy that targets the rights of the people and lowers their morale, strengthening the forces of the far-right.

The confrontation with the far-right mob that tries to legitimize itself as a “fighter for Macedonia” does not give SYRIZA the right to determine the names of Balkan countries through the Prespes Agreement.

When the government prides itself for sealing the borders of Evros and the Aegean Sea while people freeze to death in hellholes like Moria, when it has abandoned even its declarations regarding the right of the immigrants to vote while citizenship is still awarded through racist filters, then it boosts racism rather than confront it.

We reject the “lesser evil” line of thought and the dilemmas that the government imposes. The “lesser evil” logic always leads to the greater evil, as the historical examples have shown.

4. In contrast to what the dominant views are propagating, the EU is trembling due to a deep political crisis, due to its amplifying interior contradictions. The detestation of millions of workers towards this reactionary corporate mechanism, the “Greek issue”, the amplification of the imperialistic competitions and contradictions as depicted in the Brexit negotiations, the EU-Italy clash, the amplification of the contradictions between the EU and the USA and the strong rise of the far-right in a series of European countries are signs of the deep crisis that the EU is going through.

But their crisis is also fueled by the struggles of the workers and the youth. The year of 2018 ended with the “yellow vests” symbolizing and condensing the fears of the ruling classes regarding the future of the European capitalisms and the EU itself. Just a few years back, Macron was presented as the holder of the magic formula against “populism”, which was the “reinvention of capitalism”, the “restart” and the speeding up of the European unification. Now he is the hated “president of the rich” and the grand designs for the EU are crumbling. The other pillar of the EU, German capitalism, is preparing for a halt in growth, with a fall of the industrial production and deceleration of the GDP. More importantly, the political crisis there is also on the daily agenda.

5. As a response to their crisis, the ruling classes seek to escalate their anti-labour offensive at all levels – economic and political. Their response combines the intensity of the reactionary shielding of the economic and political functioning of the EU, the institutional consolidation and the imposition of capitalist reforms, forms of permanent guardianship, intensification of inequality, a shift towards militarization and war. At the same time, they are intensifying racist campaigns and the construction of Fortress Europe against refugees and immigrants, to disorientate the rage of the working class and of all social strata which are heavily affected by the crisis, in harmless directing it to paths that are harmless for the system. In this way, they are opening the way to the extreme right and the fascists. The SYRIZA government is leading the way in the promotion of these policies.


6. All developments confirm that the E.U. is not a safe haven of stability and prosperity. It is a deeply class, reactionary and imperialist structure which has been screeching not only under the pressure of the crisis and the antagonisms but also due to the rage fed by the sharpening gigantic class polarization.

The only way out in defense of the workers’ and people’s rights, for salary and pension increases, in defense of public goods, for the liberation from the permanent guardianship regime, racism and antagonisms is the struggle against the EU, the break and disengagement from it from an anti-capitalist, class and internationalist perspective.

The total experience from recent years proves in a cruel way that the EU cannot be reformed or “see reason”. On the contrary, it is becoming the headquarters and the alibi of all the antilabor offensives.


7. The break and disengagement from the EU, the insubordination to the financial slaughterhouse and the imposition of the barbaric capitalist reforms is an indivisible part of the total struggle to impose the interests and the needs of the workers and the people.

A broader program for struggle is needed, one that aims to make the capital lose wealth and power in order for the working class and the people to gain back their life. We need a movement for the overthrow of the capitalist offensive, one that will clash with the EU and will be based on the power of the working class’ struggle in Europe and around the world.


The struggle for the exit from the EU is indivisibly tied with:


 The social struggle of the workers, the youth and the poor social strata for salary and pension rises against the perpetuation of the austerity, for stable work with rights against the flexible and illegal work. For the defence of the public goods against the privatization and the liberalization of the markets. To combat unemployment and reduce the work hours. To fight against the sexist discrimination in the workplaces.

– The struggle to erase the usurious debt, which despite their rhetoric will never become manageable. The nationalisation of the banks and the big enterprises under workers’ control.

– The struggle for the contemporary democratic rights of the workers and the youth and the sovereignty of the people. The disobedience against the brutal trusteeship, for full independence and disengagement from the imperialist mechanisms, against the transfer of the decisions far from every social control in the hands of the technocrats of the EU and the multinational corporations.

– The struggle for peace, against the imperialist imposition of the EU, the European Army, the shift to militarization.

– The fight for open borders, cities and neighbourhoods for the refugees and the immigrants who are a part of our class and our struggle. For closed cities for fascists and the extreme-right scum.

– The struggle for the ecological survival of the planet, against the profit, the GMO’s, the imprudent development.

– The fight against the suppression of the women, the discrimination against the LGBTQ people, the sexist attacks of the ruling class which are even supported by the decisions of the European Court.


8. The struggle for a left, internationalist exit from the Eurozone and the EU is an integral part of the struggle that seeks to weaken the multinationals and the forces of the capital, to create breaches in the reactionary edifice, for broader changes that will benefit the popular majority, for the struggle against imperialism, for the anti-capitalist overthrow. It cannot be postponed to a vague future of “another society”, nor can it be a means to develop “competitiveness” and  “liquidity” of the capitalist economy.

9. The exit from the EU cannot happen on the grounds of “national entrenchment”. We confront capitalist internationalization because we are for the unobstructed internalization of resistance, the voluntary collaboration among peoples, paving the way to the abolition of the capitalist relations of production, inequality and exploitation. Capitalist internationalization, which takes place on the grounds of the unobstructed ruling of the “market forces”, the multinationals and their institutions (EU, OECD and various agreements of international trade) is what leads to the unobstructed expansion of the exploitation and ruling by a handful of stock-market and industrial giants. Our slogan “Exit from the EU” is inspired by the great internationalist movements against capitalist globalization since Genova up to nowadays.

Its compass is the historical perspective of the total liberation of the workers and of the peoples, the overthrow of capitalism, the revolutionary change of society, a different internalization to the benefit of the working majority.

10. In this framework of the reactionary policies of the EU and the capitalist crisis, the reactionary “eurosceptic” currents, nationalistic and racist ideas and the far-right are developed in Europe during the last years.

The reactionary bourgeois political forces of the so-called “Euroscepticism” (Salvini, Lepen, Orban etc) do nothing more than negotiate a better position for their own bourgeois class within the framework of the European capitalist integration.

They are the governments and the political forces of the “liberal” and “democratic” EU, that adopt step by step the agenda of the far-right, supposedly in an effort to tame it but the only thing they manage is to legalize it and enforce it, and at the same time their own crisis deepens even more.

The far-right seeks to use the political, economic and ethical crisis of capitalism and the EU and to build a reactionary, nationalistic and fascist current. It brings a civil war among the workers and the poor, talking about “our workers”, in order to wage more effectively the war against all workers, like in Austria and Hungary where they voted for an 80-hour working week! They are talking of “Our nation”, preparing with their warmongering rhetoric the slaughter of all peoples.

This is just one side of reality, though. The other one is the development of a massive, anti-racist and anti-fascist movement all around Europe. This is what the 200,000 demonstrators in Berlin show, the tens of thousands in Chemnitz. The far-right and the fascists in Britain believed that they would have political gains from the political crisis of Brexit, but in December they discovered that the streets of London belong to a broad and colourful mobilization of the anti-fascist and anti-racist movement. Paris experienced the most massive anti-racist demonstrations amid the Yellow Vests uprising. Italy is not only Salvini but a massive movement that welcomes refugees from Palermo to Torino…

We confront both the cosmopolitan “Europeanism” as well as the far-right and nationalistic “Euroscepticism”. Only the workers’ movement, the left and the consistent anti-fascist action can come up against fascism.


To a large gathering of social and political forces for our intervention in the European elections. With this proposal, we address to the organized forces and collectives of the labour, youth, anti-racist and ecological movement. This will give hope and perspective to those who insist, to those who fight.


Labour reforms of SYRIZA government? On the occasion of Minister Achtsioglou speech in London

On Friday, March 22, Effie Achtsioglou, Greek Minister of Labour, Social Security and Social Solidarity, is set to deliver a speech to the London School of Economics, on “A New Model for the Greek Labour Market”. The harsh reality is that the SYRIZA government has not introduced any new model through its labour market reforms. In fact, it has continued pursuing the same regressive agenda that has been implemented by its predecessors since 2010, when the first bailout for Greece was agreed. While this statement could be supported by evidence in many fields since the inevitable capitulation of SYRIZA, we will restrain ourselves to describing the most critical reforms on the labour market.

The fourth memorandum that was voted by SYRIZA in May 2017, loosened the regulations on employment protection, making it easier for employers to enact collective dismissals. Even the requirement of administrative control and approval of such dismissals from the Ministry of Labour was abolished, adopting the so-called “best practices” of EU. For years, strikes have been one of the most powerful ways of collective action of Greek trade unions. In January 2018, similar to practices of Cameron’s government in the UK, the SYRIZA government passed legislation raising the requirements of calling strikes, a condition that was set up by the EU commission, European central bank and the IMF, to limit the frequency of strikes. While the Greek PM claims to take the country out of the restrictions of the memoranda and endless austerity, at the same time it seems that they need to suppress the protests and strikes over the measures that they are committed to implement against the workers and unemployed people.

An issue that has recently emerged, is the announcement of an increase of the minimum gross wage by the Greek government, changing from €586 to €650. A government that was elected promising to raise the minimum wage to €751, presents this increase as an emblematic action, while the 500 most profitable Greek companies increased their profits by 25.8% in 2017, compared to 2016. The impact of this change on the lives of those who work under part-time or temporary contracts (more than 20% of them get paid with less than €300 per month) or in general the employees (more than 40% of them earn a salary less than €700), cannot be compared to the 20% average slump of Greek wages during the last 10 years of capitalism’s global crisis. Due to some reforms related to the memoranda, a side-effect of the minimum wage’s increase is that those who are self-employed will have to pay €20 more per month in the social security contributions, lowering the real increase of the gross wage from €64 to €44!

It is worthwhile to mention that what SYRIZA is trying to present as an “increase of the minimum wage”, is nothing but the implementation of a law that SYRIZA had fiercely opposed, voted from the previous ruling party of New Democracy, that established the blockage of collective bargaining. Thus, the minimum wage can no longer be a subject of negotiations between the trade unions and the employers. It can only be determined unilaterally by the government.

Another fact that must be interpreted, is the fall in the unemployment rate by 8% during the last 4 years. This has been a result of the dramatic increase of part-time and temporary contracts, from 5% to 9%, while 61% of the new contracts that were signed in the first 8 months of 2018 were part-time. This is also proved by the fact that 2.3 million dismissals and 2.4 million new contracts were signed in 2018, clearly showing the vicious circle between short-time jobs and unemployment.

ANTARSYA, the Anti-capitalist Left front in Greece, will take initiatives to build an anti-capitalist – anti-governmental – internationalist anti-EU front, to oppose the attack on workers’ rights, to fight back against austerity and the escalation of war threat, racism and fascism.

We fight for a better and more equal society without exploitation of human by human



The marginalisation policies brought the murder of the activist Zak Kostopoulos

The marginalisation policy of addicts brought the murder of the activist Zak Kostopoulos


Lynching to death by two or even more human-like monsters, activist Zak Kostopoulos, an active member of the LGBTqi community and the struggle against the stigmatization of HIV positive people, is a devastating and racist crime under the tolerance of the police, which took place on 21 September. A crime by those who think they can enforce the law of the jungle against the weak and the rebellious.

Whatever happened on that Friday afternoon, and while new information is constantly revealed, it is clear that the shop owner assumed that a drug addict had invaded his shop, while believing he could be assisted by others, to kick him up to death and be left unpunished. Then, police seems to be kicking the already injured Zak Kostopoulos, who died later in the day.

This cold murder is the consequence of targeting and suppressing drug addicts, immigrants and any weak or socially excluded citizen, who are defined by the state, local authorities and police as unwanted “trash” that spoils the tourist “glamor” of the centre of Athens. It is the consequence of the logic that the weak and the poor are not the priority for social care, but the object of revenge and humiliation.

The government and the Athens council have given the green light to racist police campaigns against drug addicts and immigrants in the centre of Athens to surrender it “clean” to the speculative activities of contractors, big merchants and hotel owners. They were followed by the media, as most of them interviewed the murderer of Zac by focusing on the “fear of the shopkeeper” instead of condemning the murder.

All of them lay the ground for the modern petit-bourgeois who portray as their enemy the weak of this society, thus boosting fascism.

The government’s responsibility for the stance of police can no longer be hidden. Its responsibility of the government regarding the medical treatment of drug addicts and HIV positive people is enormous. The memoranda and austerity policies have dismantled the care programs for these individuals leading them marginalised.

With Zak Kostopoulos we took part in struggles defending diversity, tolerance, the rights of LGBTQi people, for the protection of the oppressed and the socially excluded people.

We will fight to punish Zak’s murderers. To attribute the responsibilities to police officers who seem to have put handcuffs on Zak while injured and possibly to make the final blows.

We will fight to stop the cuts in public health spending, a policy imposed by the memoranda. We demand an immediate opening of all the closed structures for the addicts.

We will fight against the logic that targets the poor, the addicted, the LGBTqi, the HIV positive and the socially excluded people.

We will fight against fascism in every neighbourhood.

We will struggle to overthrow the memorandum policies that entail poverty, unemployment and impoverishment.


ANTARSYA, 23.9.2018

Greek wildfires: “Asymmetric Threat” for people and the environment is the capitalist development as shown by disastrous fires

Greek wildfires: “Asymmetric Threat” for people and the environment is the capitalist development as shown by disastrous fires

Compensation of victims and protection of the affected areas from the interests of arsonists

The only “asymmetric threat” responsible for the devastating fires in East Attica, Corinthia and Fthiotida, Chania, Evros is the destructive development in favour of speculation of capitalization. Profits get over people and the natural environment.

Society was hit by the consequences of catastrophic fires with minimum help by the state apparatus, with the fire brigade disintegrated and underemployed while its staff are making heroic efforts, the forest service dissolved and the rough lack of preventive measures. Just a few months before, another area in Attica was hit by the devastating floods with dozens of dead people.

The country is second in military spending amongst NATO members, but it does not have the basic infrastructure to deal with the fires and floods caused by the construction contractor’s impunity. SYRIZA-ANEL government and the Attica regional authorities are hiding behind arguments of tedious weather. They followed the same tactics followed for decades by the previous governments of Nea Dimokratia and PASOK, which left untouched the arsonists’ interests to speculate on destruction. They set no burden for the speculation of the earth, the blockage of the natural water flows, the destruction of the coastline, all that led dozens of people not having an easy route of escape, with the known tragic consequences.

ANTARSYA expresses condolences to the victims’ relatives and its solidarity with those who have experienced tragic moments, having been damaged by the devastating fires. It calls for the mobilisation of the popular movement to support the region in an effort to overcome the disaster on the grounds of solidarity.

Immediate measures are needed:

  • To compensate all the victims of the disaster, immediately and altogether, in order to protect themselves against the various interests which are targeting the area and their property.
  • To prevent land use in burned areas, protecting the area from business and construction contractor’s interests.
  • To reorganize fire protection. Mass recruitment for the fire brigade. Renewal of equipment, especially in vehicles. Reorganization of the Forest Service.
  • Take immediate flood protection measures to prevent new victims from flooding in winter.
  • Expenditures on fire protection and social needs, not for bloody public surpluses and the army – cancellation of the public debt!

It takes decisiveness and struggle to respond to the policy that removes resources from social needs, such as fire protection, in order to repay the public debt, fulfil the memoranda obligations, finance the bloody public surpluses, and fund army expenditures and NATO.


ANTARSYA 24/7/2018

In solidarity with the UCU strike

In solidarity with the UCU strike!

The ongoing strike in UK universities, which started on February 22, shows the accumulated anger of university workers against the increasing attacks of employers on labour relations. Even though this widespread attack is officially expressed by the employers’ leadership (UUK), is clearly supported and further deepened by the Conservative government.

Proposed changes aim to directly link pensions to the stock market without any guarantee leading to the loss of up to £10,000 a year from the retirement amount of each employee. Not surprisingly, the attempted restructuring of pensions led to a massive participation in the strike. However, most UCU members voted for the strike, to protest not only against the USS pension system reform, but also against the continuous privatization and financialization of higher education, the increasingly precarious and insecure labour relations in UK universities, manifested in the huge rise in fixed-term contracts and in the stagnation or cuts in wages, and the increasing psychological stress due to the constant requirement to increase productivity.

The 14 days of the strike, which are planned to take place within 4 weeks, open a path of possibilities for the struggle of university workers and for the labour movement. It is the largest-ever strike called in British higher education.

The early days of the strike proved not only the determination of the university workers but also the strength of student solidarity. From the beginning, employers attempted to use the consequences of the strike to the students for intimidating academics that would participate in the strike. The students’ response was their daily presence on the picket lines.

The strike has the potential to initiate a discussion for the content and orientation of the university movement, to strengthen self-confidence in organizing resistance against the marketization of education that tripled fees and cut grants for the poorest students and to contribute to overcoming contradictions within the union by reinforcing radical voices and paths. It can also show the necessity for a wider alliance of workers and students which would lead both to the open questioning of the neoliberal agenda of the Conservative government and the limits of the class compromise that still lies at the core of the Labour’s agenda, putting at the forefront the need for radical alternatives to the increasing attacks to public education in the UK.

For a strong and successful strike!


Αλληλεγγύη στους απεργούς του UCU

Αλληλεγγύη στους απεργούς του UCU

Η απεργία στα Αγγλικά πανεπιστήμια που ξεκίνησε στις 22 του Φλεβάρη, εκφράζει τη συσσωρευμένη αγανάκτηση των εργαζομένων ενάντια στις συνεχείς επιθέσεις που δέχονται από την εργοδοσία στο σύνολο των εργασιακών σχέσεων. Η πορεία αυτή στηρίζεται και ενισχύεται ξεκάθαρα από την κυβέρνηση και εκφράζεται επίσημα από την ηγεσία των εργοδοτών (UUK).

Οι πρόσφατες αλλαγές συνδέουν τις συντάξεις απόλυτα με τις αποδόσεις του χρηματιστηρίου χωρίς καμία εγγύηση. Ως αποτέλεσμα, πολλοί πανεπιστημιακοί θα αναγκαστούν να κατευθυνθούν προς τον ιδιωτικό ασφαλιστικό τομέα, ακολουθώντας το παράδειγμα των περισσότερων εργαζομένων στο Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο. Η απώλεια μέχρι και 10.000£ το χρόνο από το συνταξιοδοτικό ποσό του κάθε εργαζόμενου, λόγω της περικοπής των συνταξιοδοτικών επιδομάτων κατά 20% έως 40%, οδήγησε σε μαζική συμμετοχή στην απεργία και στις απεργιακές κινητοποιήσεις. Εκτιμούμε πως τα μέλη του UCU υπερψήφισαν την απεργία με ποσοστό 88%, όχι μόνο για τη διάλυση του συνταξιοδοτικού, αλλά σαν μία αντίδραση στην περαιτέρω εμπορευματοποίηση και ιδιωτικοποίηση της ανώτατης εκπαίδευσης, στη διαρκή εντατικοποίηση της εργασίας στα πανεπιστήμια, την συνεχή αύξηση των συμβάσεων ορισμένου χρόνου και την πραγματική μείωση των μισθών, αλλά και την διαρκή πίεση για μεγαλυτέρη ανταποδοτικότητα.

Οι 14 μέρες απεργίας που έχουν προκυρηχθεί σε βάθος 4 εβδομάδων ανοίγουν ένα δρόμο πολύμορφων μέσων πάλης και προοπτικής για το εργατικό κίνημα. Αποτελούν τη μεγαλύτερη και μακρύτερη απεργία που έχει ψηφιστεί ποτέ από τους πανεπιστημιακούς στο Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο.

Οι πρώτες μέρες της απεργίας έδειξαν όχι μόνο την αποφασιστικότητα των εργαζομένων αλλά και την δύναμη της φοιτητικής αλληλεγγύης. Από την αρχή η εργοδοσία επεδίωξε να χρησιμοποιήσει τις συνέπειες της απεργίας στους φοιτητές για να εκφοβίσει τους πανεπιστημιακούς που θα απεργούσαν. Η απάντηση των φοιτητών ήταν δυναμική συμπαράσταση με καθημερινή παρουσία στα picket lines.

Η απεργία ανοίγει δυναμικά τη συζήτηση για το περιεχόμενο και τον προσανατολισμό του κινήματος στα πανεπιστήμια, αποτελεί σημαντικό βήμα αυτοπεποίθησης στην οργάνωση της αντίστασης ενάντια στις αντεργατικές κυβερνητικές πολιτικές και μπορεί να συμβάλλει στο ξεπέρασμα των αντιφάσεων στο εσωτερικό του σωματείου με ενίσχυση της ριζοσπαστικής κατεύθυνσης. Μπορεί να συσπειρώσει ένα αγωνιστικό δυναμικό οδηγώντας τόσο στην αμφισβήτηση της ακραία νεοφιλελεύθερης διακυβέρνησης των Συντηρητικών (Conservatives) όσο και στην ανάδειξη των αντικειμενικών ορίων του ταξικού συμβιβασμού που προτείνει το κόμμα των Εργατικών (Labour Party), αναδεικνύοντας την αναγκαιότητα μιας ευρύτερης συμμαχίας των εργαζομένων και των φοιτητών ενάντια στη συνεχή εμπορευματοποίηση της εκπαίδευσης.





Obama’s visit to Athens on the 15th November, two days before the 43rd anniversary of the social revolt against the military dictatorship that the USA supported, is another provocation of Tsipras’ government.

Behind the image of the peace Nobel holder, the first black president in the USA, hides a ruthless leader of the strongest imperialist machine around the globe, which is responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands civilians, as a result of the invasions in Iraq and Syria and of many black young people murdered by the police within the USA.

Obama is visiting Greece, while the negotiations for the second review of Greece’s rescue plan is in progress, with the Greek government and the Troika to bargain new measures of stringent austerity. Obama has stated several times that he supports the implementation of structural reforms. The USA president, as a representative of global capitalism, applies pressure for faster and deeper wage cuts, market liberalisation and privatisations.

He is visiting Greece, while the war in Syria and Iraq is escalated in a unique sharpening of the imperialist competition, expressed from the Pacific Ocean to Ukraine, the Mediterranean Sea and Africa. The placement of Frontex and the NATO navy in the Mediterranean region, in the name of borders’ protection from the refugees and migrants, the victims of imperialist wars, is becoming the weapon of the USA for escalating imperialist competition and for controlling the specific area.

Obama’s goal is Greece’s deeper engagement with the war in Middle East and with the imperialist plans of the USA. In this direction, the political, economic and military deepening of the reactionary axis of Greece-Cyprus-Egypt-Israel constitutes a main issue.

Obama visits Greece in order to secure the USA dominance in the control of energy deposits in the Aegean Sea and in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea and their transportation routes. These goals will escalate the competition amongst the ruling classes in the area, are related to the determination of the Exclusive Economic Zones in the Aegean Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean Sea and are in contrast to the interests of the Greek people. To the contrary, these goals serve the interests of the USA Transnational Corporations and the capital of the area.

The competition between Greece and Turkey, the emergence of reactionary axes (such as this of Greece-Cyprus-Egypt-Israel), the Turkish invasion in Syria and the continuous attacks on the Kurds and the involution in the imperialist plans do not benefit the people of the area. They sharpen the war risks for the interests of the local ruling classes and the Transnational monopolies which will enjoy the wealth.

Finally, Obama’s presence in Greece is related to the Cyprus dispute since the USA aim at developing a reactionary strategy based on the Anan plan with the contribution of the SYRIZA-ANEL government.

The Greek coalition government argues that Obama visits Greece in order to apply pressure for public debt restructuring. This is just a joke! We should not have illusions. The representative of American imperialism is coming to Greece to “demand” rather than to “offer”.

The solution of the people of the area is not placed with any “protector”. The solution is the common internationalist and anti-imperialist struggle of the people in all the countries of the area:

  • to defend peace and to demand a stop in any participation in the imperialist decisions of the USA and the EU
  • to block the escalation of war in the area
  • to write off the public debts
  • to dissolve the reactionary axis of Greece-Cyprus-Egypt-Israel
  • against the racist agreement among the EU, Turkey and Greece
  • for the free movement and a dignified life with all the social, democratic and working rights of refugees and migrants in all the destination countries and in Greece
  • for the release from the NATO and the EU


We call all the people to participate in the demonstration in Greece

In Athens, Tuesday 15.11, 17.00, marching from the Polytechnic School to the USA Embassy