ANTARSYA UK supports the Climate Strike, September 20, 2019

ANTARSYA UK supports the Climate Strike on Friday 20th of September and all the relevant protests that take place in the UK and globally. We welcome all the students, the workers and everyone else that will demonstrate against the climate crisis. This movement is ongoing and growing.

We encourage the presence and the unity on the streets of the anti-capitalist and radical left-wing groups and people to demonstrate seeking to progress this struggle a step further: not by requesting the Big Capital to become more sensitive or by asking a general election, but blaming the ones that are responsible for the climate crisis.

Those responsible for that situation need to pay for the consequences! The large corporations mostly from the global North whose activities all over the world are disastrous for the environment. The governments that do not take any serious measure against them but instead use state violence against the protesters, with thousand arrests.

Friday the 20th needs to become a big day of climate action. Let’s also make it signal the beginning of a radical struggle that will not stop until we finish with the disastrous effects of capitalism and any form of exploitation.

Let’s all strike and take to the streets on September 20th against the climate crisis and the capitalist process!


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