End the Israeli massacres in East Jerusalem. Free Palestine!

ANTARSYA condemns the Israeli airstrikes on Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip entailing 20 dead, including nine children.

Currently, the terrorist state of Israel has launched a new inhumane campaign against the Palestinians with violent evictions from their homes, attacks from Jewish fundamentalists and brutal repression with teargasses and plastic bullets against Palestinians resisting and Israeli left forces fighting against nationalism and racism. Moreover, the Israeli forces occupied the Al-Aqsa Mosque, a sanctuary for Palestinians.

Israel, the most important ally of the main imperialist forces (USA-UK-EU) in Middle East, sets a scene of violence seeking to expel the Palestinians from East Jerusalem and proceed to new illegal settlements.

The supposedly sensitive and civilised “international community” of the imperialist states, as well as the reactionary regimes of the Arab world, are following the events apathetically, while the UN concern is highly hypocritical. The interests of the multinationals and the aspirations for geopolitical control in Middle East lie behind the long-lasting support to Israel for its timeless crime against the Palestinian people.

The Greek government is also complicit in the criminal approach of the EU and NATO. The Greek mainstream political forces (the conservatives of Nea Dimokratia, the social democrats of SYRIZA and the far right) support the close relationship of Greece with the state of Israel, but also with the Sisi military dictatorship in Egypt, within the framework of the reactionary axes of war under US control. The Greek mainstream political forces stand against the rights and the just struggle of the Palestinian people, seeking a share of profits that a handful of capitalists expect from the exclusive economic zones.

For the people, the workers and youth, solidarity with Palestine is a historical commitment!

Join the demonstrations of solidarity to Palestine across Europe!

  • Free Palestine! Solidarity to Palestinians until their victory
  • End Israeli massacres in East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip.
  • No cooperation with the terrorist state of Israel. Dissolve the reactionary axis of Greece – Cyprus – Egypt – Israel.
  • No to the presence of imperialists in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East. No to the involvement of Greece in the imperialist invasions in Middle East.
  • End NATO membership of Greece. Shut down all the military bases of NATO in Greece.
  • No war for natural resources and monopolies. Peace between people and struggle for socialism

ANTARSYA, 11.5.2021

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