On Wednesday 19th November ANTARSYA UK supports the demo for free education in London, Assemble at Malet Street at 12.00

On November 19th, thousands of students from all over the UK will march in central London to demand free education: not just the abolition of tuition fees but the creation of a system of education which is democratic, public and liberatory – at university, college and school levels.

But the demo can only be the start. We need to make this a serious, mass grassroots movement across the country: as Germany, Quebec and Chile have shown, that is the only way to make free education a reality. That means building local action and marches, and keeping the fight going: we’ve called more days of action on December 3rd and 6th. Check www.anticuts.com for more info.

Source: https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/19115-join-the-freeeducation-fight?locale=en

The Greek coalition government in its most authoritarian moment

13th November: The Greek coalition government in its most authoritarian moment

The Greek coalition government and the chancellor of the University of Athens have been ruthlessly   implementing a policy of fear and intimidation against the Greek people. In the occasion of the 41st anniversary of the Greek people’s revolt against the dictatorship in 1973 they blockaded all the university buildings in the centre of Athens with the help of riot police. What they are actually attempting is to ban all the demonstrations and events of the anniversary of the Greek people’s revolt against the military dictatorship of the 1967-1974 and the reproduction of a climate of terrorism and preventive repression against whoever struggles.

The Greek coalition government and the university authorities are greatly afraid of the spirit of the November uprising in the same way that they were in 1973. For this reason, they make efforts to maintain the fake and temporary balance of the regime. In this context, they blockaded the entrance of the building of the Law School of Athens with violence, repression and tear gas leading to several students’ injury. Thousands of students, youths and workers marched in Athens on Thursday afternoon against the repression and violence of the Greek State and police. The riot police used even greater repression in the evening demonstration. Scenes of unprecedented police brutality were taking place at the very same location the tanks famously entered the university in 1973, when after six years of military dictatorship which was ordered by USA and NATO the students in Greece reacted and revolted against it. However, this time it was the riot police, rather than the army, using chemical weapons as well as physical force on unarmed protesters.

The Greek coalition government behaves like an invader by overriding the last democratic rights that have been gained in the last 40 years. In the regime of Memoranda ‘junta’ that we experience, their first priority is normality for the markets, banks, investors and stock markets against the needs and democratic rights of the huge majority of the society.

We condemn the appointed chancellor of the University of Athens who makes efforts to transform the University into an institution sterile from social processes and devoted to the needs of the market. The crush of any resistance and collective that disputes and resists against this perspective is a prerequisite for this.

ANTARSYA calls the youth, pupils and students to decisively defend their collective decisions. To defend their rights which were gained with sacrifices after the overthrow of the dictatorship. Today the message of the 1973 revolt is more timely than ever as Greece is the epicentre of the Memoranda, austerity and the fascist threat. This is the suitable moment for the workers, youth, unemployed and pensioners, being inspired by the anti-imperialist spirit of November ‘73, to connect the small with the big struggles giving a victorious perspective for the future.

Against the fascism of the Greek coalition Government and Athens University authorities.

Open schools for the students and their struggles.

Bread, education, work and democracy for everyone!

We need to overthrow the Greek coalition Government and the policies of capital, EU and IMF.

We demand the resignation of the Chancellor of Athens University!