Announcement of the Central Committee of ANTARSYA for the results of the Greek elections

Announcement of the Central Committee of ANTARSYA for the results of the Greek elections

  1. Today’s election result is a heavy defeat for the reactionary government forces ND and PASOK. By condemning these forces along with all the forces who took part in the attack (KIDISO, DIMAR, LAOS) and voting for SYRIZA the people expressed its’ indignation against the brutality of the attack, the overcoming of fear and the decision that those who have brought us to this point leave, and Greece turns page.
  2. The third position of the criminal gang of Golden Dawn is an extremely negative result which shows that against fascist ideas and practices, a constant front is required – not only so that the Nazis’ are condemned for life, but also so that their support from the police and the state is rooted out. A battle is required to eradicate fascist and racist poison from neighborhoods, schools and workplaces.
  3. The result of the political collaboration of ANTARSYA-MARS is a positive one. It reflects the influence of the other road, of rupture with the debt, the euro, the EU and the forces of capital which of higher significance than recorded by elections. It captured the protest and warning towards the right turn of SYRIZA. The political collaboration gave additional momentum to the election results and boosts the prospect of continuing and deepening the project. Overall, the result gives us the strength to continue to intervene more decisively in the future.
  4. In the near future, SYRIZA will test from government positions the policy which seeks a “relief” for the people within the context of the Eurozone and the EU treaties. ANTARSYA insists that without ceasing debt repayment, without a rupture with the EU and the euro, without nationalizing banks and large businesses under workers’ control, the hope of the labor movement and the people will not be vindicated. Without waiting and without any grace period, ANTARSYA will contribute to the labor and popular counter-attack and will fight so that measures in the interests of the people are imposed, so that the memoranda are negated, so that the struggles are linked with the program of the anti-capitalist overthrow in the context of a left, labor and popular opposition.
  5. The central committee of ANTARSYA salutes the comrades and friends of ANTARSYA-MARS who fought the battle with self denial. It will access the outcome and experience in a collective and comradely way and will plan the next steps while insisting on the path of frontal cooperation of the forces which seek the left of rupture and overthrow. It will intervene with even greater determination in this new period of heightened social and political struggles which lies ahead.

Athens, 26.1.2015

In the Greek elections of the 25th January we support and vote for ANTARSYA-MARS

Overthrow of the policies of the EU-IMF-Capital and of their Governments

Neither “negotiation” neither subjection

Change of policy not just government

There is another way! With no memorandums and debt, out of the Euro and the EU

With Workers leading

Workers, unemployed, youth,

In these elections it is going to be decided if the ruthless offence on our lives is going to be continued or subverted.

That is why:

We decisively condemn N.D and PASOK and all the reactionary political system and its parties (Potami, KIDISO, etc). We smash the neonazi, racist, deeply systemic Golden Dawn.

We strengthen the powers of the anticapitalist left that fight for:

-A change of policy not only of the government. To brake the frame of the cruel exploitation, of the brutal abolition of the labour rights, of the memoranda,  of the blackmails of the EU and the banks, of the trusteeship, of the state violence.  For another road of anticapitalist overthrow, rupture and release from the Eurozone and the EU, nationalizations, labour and social control, improvement of the position of the working social majority.

– For the labour and popular counter-offence. For people to come back to the front, with new militancy and demands, without an anticipation or grace period for any government.

-For a Left independent of the system, irreconcilable, anticapitalist, anti-imperialist and revolutionary. That will not withhold popular demands in the name of the “possible”, of the “there is no other way”, of the blackmailing dilemmas of the “lost vote” that SYRIZA’s leadership is bringing to the fore.

To take back what they stole from us, to claim everything we deserve!

Five years of great strikes, squares, heroic struggles of workers (ERT, Metro, cleaners etc) and the youth showed that the popular labour movement can fight decisively.

With the power of the organized people, we can impose the implementation of immediate measures against unemployment and poverty, in support of democracy; Measures that take away wealth and power from the capital and lead to an improvement of the life of the people, such as:

  • Re-employment of all the redundant workers, massive public sector recruitment, less working hours and pension-year requirements, more public-based investments. Re-function of closed factories under workers’ control. Unemployment allowance equal to basic salary.
  • Stop the cuts that were initiated in 2009. Bring back 13th, 14th salaries and pension. Repeal the reduced salary law for the youth. Stop flexible, illegal and unpaid jobs.
  • Nationalisation of all the privatised companies. Ban the “Public Property Divestment Fund”.
  • Major taxation of the capital, ship-owners and the Church. Erase all debts for the unemployed and lower-class citizens. Ban the Integrated House Tax .
  • Frank support of the lower middle class farmers against the multi-national companies and lobbyists hyper exploitation.
  • Opening up of trade union and democratic rights against police violence, slave-drivers & fascist terrorism and state violation. Ban the police bodies of MAT, DELTA and DIAS. Remove all the fascist components from the Greek state.
  • Legalisation of all immigrants, give nationality to all children, ban Frontex and concentration camps.
  • Destroy the Greece-Israel imperialistic axis, Greek withdrawal from the imperialistic interventions.


Let’s get rid of the blackmails, ideological terrorism and the “markets”, Troika, Eurozone and EU slavery.

  • Unilateral ban of the memorandums, their application laws and colonialism-style loan conventions.
  • Bank and Major Companies Nationalisation, without compensation and under workers’ and social control.
  • We do not acknowledge the public debt, cessation of payments, and cancellation of the usurious debt.
  • Exit from the Eurozone, EU and NATO, for a STOP to the looting of Greece and the people and war threats.

The people who are decisive cannot be blackmailed. If only this program becomes a case of social struggle, we will be able to live in a different way. In a Europe where social conditions are deteriorating while social struggles have greatly grown, we need to open new lines of anti-capitalist revolt and revolutionary change. We need to fight for an equal co-existence of people. We need to fight in order for the wealth and the power to be in the hands of workers.

We support the Radical Left

The belief of SYRIZA in the Eurozone, EU, NATO, entrepreneurship lead to few financial provisions and distribution of poverty. The ‘negotiation’ that SYRIZA is promising, results in subordination and in perpetual continuation of the policies of the Memorandum with a different wrapper. SYRIZA will refute people’s hope and will contribute to the reinstatement of the most reactive forces.

ANTARSYA will contribute to a working left opposition to each government that stands within the limits of the Eurozone, EU and reactive attack.

Neither does the policy of the KKE (Communist Party of Greece) give answers. The KKE  refers to the indefinite future of people’s power with the parliamentary anticipation but without the social struggle for a debt write-off, the exit from the Eurozone and EU. It blames more the Left forces which struggle than the government and the system. It denies support to the social struggles and does not follow any frontal and conjunctive policy.

In these elections the forces of the Left, from different roots but with common goals against the policies of capital, EU and IMF, coordinate. Against the fragmentation of the left, we open the lines for coordination of all the forces that look for an overthrow.