21st March: ANTARSYA UK marched with thousand antiracists and antifascists

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21st of March–Global day against racism and fascism. Join the demos in Cardiff, Glasgow and London

21st of March –Global day against racism and fascism

On Saturday 21st of March, let’s fill the streets of our cities to demonstrate against racism, racist policies that have cost human lives and fascism which threats to lead our world to the very dark days of the past, the so called monsters’ era. Workers, unemployed, immigrants, refugees, trade unions, students, artists, LGBT communities and antifascist groups, we all unite to smash fascism, racism and the system which gives birth to them, capitalism and its crisis.

We merge our voice with:

  • Paris where immigrant movement and antifascists will demonstrate massively to stop the National Front of Lepen.
  • Berlin where antifascists are once again out in the streets against the islamophobic-racist Pegida.
  • Ferguson and N. York where “I can’t breathe” movement is filling the streets against the racist police murders that took place last year.

The role of European Union is more than obvious in pushing towards the far right wing direction and promoting fascist groups. On the one side, EU implements austerity policies, blackmails countries like Greece through the debt noose and on the same time it builds up borders to make Europe inaccessible to migrants. Frontex is responsible for the murders of thousands of people in the Mediterranean Sea. Finally, EU gives way to the far right and fascist groups through the organisation of imperialist interventions and massacres and the anti-Islamic campaigns of hate.

More particularly in Greece, the implementation of austerity policies and memoranda has been associated with racist policies. Since last government was thrown away in the last general election, it’s high time to claim back everything, implement the anti-racist movement requests and smash fascist Golden Dawn.  Since Shezad Lugman and Pavlos Fyssas were murdered the antifascist movement has opposed fascists, by cancelling ex-Prime Minister’s plans to support fascists and therefore leading them to jail prior to their trial. Moreover, anti-racist movement has got stronger through the solidarity it showed to the Manolada strawberry land-workers that were shot and the Syrian refugees who are jailed in concentration centres, the contemporary concentration camps of our era.

Finally, the recent suicide of Vaggelis Giakoumakis, a student who fell victim of the continuous use of violence and intimidation by his fellow students just because he didn’t match their model behaviour of “masculinity”, emphasized once again that the anti-racist and anti-fascist movement has no other choice but opposing every aspect of racism which bears hate and discrimination.

In the UK as well, we need to oppose the far-right racist UKIP that becomes popular by taking advantage of the dissatisfaction against the EU and blames the immigrants for various things in the context of the crisis. The question about the EU is a great challenge for all the political spectrum, especially for the Left. We also need to smash all these small fascist groups like BNP, EDL, Britain First and now Pegida that develop attacking the immigrants.

If we really want to put an end to fascism and racism monstrosity, we need to overthrow the whole system which gives birth to it. We need to smash capitalism before it smashes the workers’ rights, their collective actions and freedom so as to overcome its historic crisis. To build a world without discrimination, to break the chains of exploitation and oppression.

On the 21st of March everybody should be marching. Our neighbours, our colleagues, our fellow students should be on the streets, fighting against racism and fascism, fighting for our rights!

Cardiff, 10.30, Clare Gardens, Clare St, Riverside

Glasgow, 11.00, George Square

London, 12.00, Portland Place



*ANTARSYA UK consists of members of the front of the Anti-capitalist Left in Greece that live in the UK

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