On Wednesday 19th November ANTARSYA UK supports the demo for free education in London, Assemble at Malet Street at 12.00

On November 19th, thousands of students from all over the UK will march in central London to demand free education: not just the abolition of tuition fees but the creation of a system of education which is democratic, public and liberatory – at university, college and school levels.

But the demo can only be the start. We need to make this a serious, mass grassroots movement across the country: as Germany, Quebec and Chile have shown, that is the only way to make free education a reality. That means building local action and marches, and keeping the fight going: we’ve called more days of action on December 3rd and 6th. Check www.anticuts.com for more info.

Source: https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/19115-join-the-freeeducation-fight?locale=en

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