“ERT” (Greek public television and radio) went silent…-Now it’s the time for its “owner” to speak!

During the darkest hours of the night, riot police of the miserable coalition government invaded ERT’s headquarters at 4.20 am, plunging ERT into darkness for the second time.

The reaction of the people was immediate! As ERT’s real owner, hundreds of people hastened to guard and protect the public wealth in solidarity with the fight of its workers.

After preparing the climate methodically with threats and ridiculous claims of “dangerous radiation”, today they attacked the voice which by continuously informing the public for five months showed in practice a different path. The path of dignity, collectivity and struggle.

The totalitarian invasion of the headquarters, a few days before the anniversary of the uprising against the military junta in Greece (17th November ’73), comes just a day after the scandalous law that gifts digital transmission permits to the channel owners! The lifting of the embargo on DT (ERTs’ replacement) by DIMAR also gave a “go ahead” to the invasion. The government of Samaras is presenting its’ credentials to the Troika. The final moments of the audio documents remind of breathtaking events of the past…

The suppression forces of the parliamentary totalitarianism are trying to keep people away by use of tear-gas. They will not succeed however. ANTARSYA stands by the side of the fighting workers of ERT in the struggle for free information, against the mass layoffs, for the current need for FOOD-EDUCATION-FREEDOM (the main slogan of the 1973 uprising).

Now is the time for the worker’s and peoples’ movement and the radical  left to fight back,-united and decisively – for the overthrow of the cannibalistic, reactionary policies of the government the EU and the IMF, the overthrow of the ND-PASOK government and any government which implements such policies.


Everyone to the fight to protect ERT!

Everyone to the demonstrations that ERT’s workers are calling!


We call all the trade unions to decide for strikes in solidarity with ERT’s struggle. We call all the people to be at the Aghia Paraskevi square today at 4pm 





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