Decision of Teachers’ Union ‘Aristotle’ in Greece about police demand for data collection from schools

Decision of Teachers’ Union ‘Aristotle’



Athens, 11.2.2014

There is no end to the descent of totalitarianism! The letter of the General Police Directorate of Attica for data collection from school units must be withdrawn now!

A junta inspired order was sent to police stations in Attica by the General Police Directorate of Attica (GADA). According to the order, police stations are required to contact school headmasters and arrange meetings in order to record problems and to compose detailed reports which record the problems and needs which are of the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Public Order and the police.

The issue is very serious and dangerous. Political intervention is required and the order must be withdrawn now.

With this document they are pursuing unheard of goals! On the above pretexts they are aiming to turn headmasters into police officers, to establish a climate of terrorism and policing at school units and to negate the roles of teachers, asking them to report offences that haven’t yet been committed!!! Teachers are educators, not policemen! Problems in education are not resolved with the assistance of policemen and prosecutors or with invitations to headmasters to snitch on their pupils.

Teachers and headmasters seek to maintain an educational climate at their schools and to resolve problems in an environment of safety, trust and understanding not in a climate of terrorism and fear! School areas are places of protection and care for our underage pupils. Problems are resolved in this spirit not with policing and enforcement. The educational community has the ability to distinguish those rare situations where police assistance is needed and to request it.

 We demand that this document and order are withdrawn NOW. We call on the political forces to take a stand on this important issue of democracy at schools!



Union of Teachers ‘Aristotle’

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