It is not a coincidence, Georgiadis is a far right-wing thug

Adonis Georgiadis is the unique so far success story of the Samaras-Venizelos government: he is the proof that under the right circumstances, any second grade far right-wing, unscientific nonsense book merchant can become a minister and grab anyone who disagrees with him from the neck.

We were not surprised by the conduct of the Minister of Health in his speech at the Imperial College when he attacked people in the audience. Neither by the organizer of the event, the far right-winger and junta fan, member of ONNED who in his speech praised the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn as a “counterweight to left-wing ideology”. And to prevent further surprises, we’d like to inform that all the previous years, ONNED and DAP were (and still are) “shelters” for far right-wingers and neo-fascists in universities.

Now that the minister has been completely unmasked, revealing the extreme far right-wing thug he did not hide, with him were exposed all the incredible scribes of the “democratic centre”’ and “responsibility” which painted his profile as decisive and “hard-working “. The “hard worker” went to London at the expense of the Greek people as a favour to the junta supporter son of a former hospital administrator. Merciless coincidences, right?

Your decisive hard-workers have destroyed public health. Go for a walk to hospitals and emergencies to see what the closure of EOPYY has caused. Observe a shift to see how the doctors you easily blame as lazy, work in public hospitals.

The masks have fallen. The far right-wing government with the “responsible” facet neither wants to, nor can hide. Its’ days are numbered though.

It is now the urgent obligation of workers to overthrow and sweep aside their oppressors: the capital, the EU and the IMF. It is our duty to overthrow the government of the Memorandum and its’ policies.

As for Adonis, a few words: Yes, we are communists, we say it with pride and…



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