On 25th May we support/strengthen ANTARSYA

Freedom, work, bread


Down with the N.D.-PA.SO.K government

Immediate exit from the prison of the memoranda, of the debt, of the Eurozone and the EU, of  capital.


Wealth and power in the hands of the working people.


With the left of the overthrow,  against compromises and submission.



Employees, unemployed, self-employed, lower and middle income farmers, youth.


The ‘end of the memoranda and the crisis’ and the ‘return to the markets’ is the last fairy tale foisted by this miserable government to hide the truth. The crisis continues, the debt is higher than ever, they have already agreed on a new memorandum. They want the people to forget the cooperation of Samaras-Baltakos with the murderers of Golden Dawn.

The oligarchy of the wealth, both local and foreign, backed by the EU and the IMF, has fallen upon us in order to crash every right and every resistance, make us an unfenced vineyard for the investors, in order to save the banks, the euro and the E.U,  in order for multinationals to become stronger and capitalism to overcome its crisis.


We don’t kneel, we struggle and overthrow them


For five years now, we have been writing history with our struggles! 30 general strikes and industrial actions, the unprecedented ‘squares’ movement’, the long-term struggles at ERT, the OTA, the educational system, the factories, the heroic fight of the cleaners, the massive resistances that developed against environmental destruction (e.g. Skouries, Keratea) signaled the labor-popular resistance. The anti-fascist and anti-racist movement played a crucial role in the imprisonment of Golden Dawn’s executive members. Our struggles brought down governments and shook the political system. The coalition government is trembling under the weight of the popular anger, despite the support they enjoy from the wealthy, their media, Merkel and the rest of the pimps.





The political and electoral battles that lie in front of us will determine:


If the devastating ‘european way’ of the memoranda and the continuous assaults of the capital implemented by the political establishment will be continued. If we will continue on this road of compromise and submission followed by the main opposition.




If another road is going to be opened for the Greek society, out of the prison of the memoranda, the debt, the Euro and the E.U, in confrontation with the businessmen and the bankers; a road that will enable us to avoid disaster and live in dignity.


For this reason at the forthcoming elections:


We send a message:

We condemn the ruthless coalition government of PA.SO.K-N.D. The political servants of the E.U, the I.M.F and the capital.

We full heartedly condemn the neo-nazi gang of Golden Dawn. The murderers of Pavlos Fyssas and Sahsat Loukman. The supporters of the bankers and the shipowners. The interlocutors of Samaras and the government.

We reject the ‘alternative’-media sponsored solutions, such as ‘To Potami’, the Democratic Left and the Independent Greeks, who from different paths, all return us back to the one-way European road of exploitation and memoranda.




The blackmailing dilemma “SYRIZA or the Right” raised by the leadership of SYRIZA, which at the same time suggests a political and governmental solution within the eurozone and the EU framework, without breaking with the forces of capital, with recognition and repayment of the huge debt and “renegotiation” of the Memorandum. Policies which are objectively not in the interests of the people and will bring only disappointment and defeats for the people and the working class.

The opposition of the K.K.E. (Communist Party of Greece) which despite its left slogans, believes that nothing can change today, assigns the struggle for the radical political objectives to the vague future of the “peoples’  power” , undermines and ruptures major struggles (eg in education).




Not only did the integration of our country into the Eurozone and the EU not constitute “a shield against the crisis”, but it made it even deeper.

  • The euro and the EU treaties lead to a permanent memorandum as they determine that over € 15 billion per year must be paid towards the debt, while the guardianship will last for 40 years and more!!!
  •  With the “free movement of capital”, capital “migrates” blackmailing states and peoples and hides wealth in “tax havens”.
  • With the “liberation of the markets”, public goods are sold off (land, energy, water) and whole sectors waste away (shipbuilding, steel).
  • The “Common Agricultural Policy” crushes lower and middle class farmers, turning Greece from an exporter of agricultural goods to an importer, for the benefit of food companies.
  • The racist Europe-fortress (“Frontex”, Dubin II etc) leads to tragedies such as those in Lampedusa and Farmakonisi and to the division of local and foreign workers.
  • The EU destroys nature and the environment, promotes mutated products, gifts public land to “investors” and put their interests above all.
  • With the advancing nightmarish US-EU agreement, whoever challenges the “freedom of markets” (eg pay rises, strikes!) will be dragged to court. In the name of “piracy” they are even shrinking access to the internet.


The EU is a deeply imperialistic mechanism which supports even openly fascist groups as in Ukraine in the interests of its multinationals.




We can win back rights, wages, education, health and democracy only by conflict with the interests of capital and the EU.  Let us pave the way for social and political liberation of the working class and the people from the shackles of exploitation.


We fight for:

– The overthrow of the PASOK – ND coalition and any government that supports the  same policies. Down with the corrupt bourgeois political system and economic authority.

– The unilateral denouncement of the Memoranda and loan agreements, collective agreements, abolishment of all laws enforced by the Memoranda. Phase out the troika, no to the EU custody and the ‘patrons’.



– The non-recognition and cessation of payments and the debt write-off.

-The immediate exit from the EU and the Euro

– The nationalisation of banks and large enterprises business, without compensation under workers’ control.

– Direct improvement of living for workers. The rise of wages and pensions, starting from restoring them to the 2009 levels. Collective agreements, elimination of flexible working arrangements. No to anti-social property taxes, onerous taxation and auctions.


– People made redundant have to return to their jobs. Prohibition of redundancies. Unemployment allowances and health insurance for all. Reduction in working hours and the age of retirement. Public investment for peoples’ social needs optimising the productive capacities of workers and society.

Smashing of the fascist threat and the neo-Nazi violence and racism. Legalisation of all immigrants, asylum to refugees, Greek citizenship to all children, closure of the concentration camps . No to the ‘Fortress Europe’ .

– Fight against authoritarianism, state violence, the employers’ despotism, the absolutism of capital and the EU in order to defend democratic rights and freedoms.

-No to the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy). Measures for the small and middle farmers, support for their cooperatives.

– Protect nature and the environment from the predatory invasion of capital


Only the struggle for the enforcement of this programme can hinder the current disaster and win the battles. To provide an answer to the capitalist crisis, paving the way for the revolutionary transformation of society, the emancipation of workers from the shackles of profit and exploitation, to pass wealth, property and power into the hands of workers. This road will not lead to ‘isolation’ but to an equally internationalist cooperation and solidarity of all the peoples of the wider region.



This road requires a robust and class reconstructed workers’ movement , against the leadership of –GSEE (General Confederation of Workers of Greece) and subservient unionism. The self-organisation of the working people, their own bodies to unite their struggle and power. Power to all workers and wider social uprising. Only in this way it can be imposed. It cannot be imposed by “parliamentary ways”, but by the power and control of the workers themselves. With a different revolutionary and anticapitalist Left that will be the backbone of the uprising and the force of change! In order to avoid what happened recently in Cyprus, in France or Italy in the past where the Left tried to manage capitalism and the movement was defeated.


We need to support in the elections the Left and the activists who:

– where in the forefront of the struggle, strikes, squares  in solidarity to the anti-fascist and anti-racist struggle

are now struggling to overthrow the attack of capital -EU – IMF and the government, for a realistic, anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist alternative in Greek society .

– fight for an anticapitalist, revolutionary Left front, independent from the system. For a modern socialist and communist perspective.

– promote the common action and the establishment of united fronts of all those who are against the new social Middle Age of capital, imperialism and the EU.


Neither despair and resignation nor waiting for ‘governmental’ changes’.

Struggle, solidarity, people’s self-organisation and coordination.

For victorious struggles.

For a society of workers’ emancipation, creation and humanity.



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