The last few days, the land invasion of the Israeli army in Gaza has escalated with more than 600 deaths and many thousands injured. 1.8 million Palestinians trapped in the mousetrap of the Gaza strip are facing a relentless attack from land, sea and air. Israel itself admits that from the 600 dead, only about 110 are Hamas members (combatants or unarmed?) which is treated as a terrorist organisation even though it is an elected political power, hence its’ members are killed without further discussion.

The massacre of unarmed civilians is not collateral damage. It is the true target in an attempt to crush the morale of a people who has been fighting without bowing for half a century for land and freedom. Who did not subjugate its struggle to the interests and plans of the imperialist powers, who did not seek protectors in new masters.

United, international capitalism joins the carnage, supporting “Israel’s right to security”. So that the state of Israel stops being disturbed by the hearths of resistance, so that the Israeli people stop hearing the cries of desperation of 1.8 million people imprisoned in a, not so large, concentration camp, because that is exactly what the Gaza strip is. So that the guardian of imperialist interests in the area remains strong and compact.

Greece is among them, as the miserable ND-PASOK coalition not only accepts the “right” of Israel to massacre a people, but in recent years has been strengthening and intensifying the economical, political and military relations between Greece and the terrorist state.

Thousands of protesters around the whole world have taken to the streets and are demanding an end to the slaughter, declare their support and ask for a vindication of the heroic struggle of the Palestinian people.

We denounce the international genocide of the Palestinian people campaign.

We join our forces with the international outcry movement, the thousands of protesters around the world and demand:

  • That the Israeli attack on Gaza stops NOW.
  • That the Israeli political and military war criminals are punished.
  • That the diplomatic and military relations of our country with the terrorist state of Israel are severed.
  • Freedom to Palestine.


Demonstration, Saturday 26th July, 12.00, Israeli Embassy (march to the Parliament will follow)



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