Victory to the anti-fascist uprising of the people of Eastern Ukraine

Victory to the anti-fascist uprising of the people of Eastern Ukraine

The events in Ukraine are sure to have a decisive impact on developments in the region and throughout Europe. The coup government of Kiev is a partnership of neo-liberals and fascists with the full support of the imperialist centers: the USA, EU, NATO and the IMF. Imperialism and the local oligarchs of wealth invest in fascist raid squads as a battering ram to enforce the far right-wing regime which in recent months passed racist laws of discrimination against minorities and the Russian-speaking population, banned the Communist Party and organized a pogrom against leftist, progressive organizations, citizens and unions. The repression escalated with the Odessa massacre, where among the dozens killed was a «Borotba» member, Andrei Brazefski, and with many more murders of anti-fascists in other cities on May 9th, a day of celebration of the anti-fascist victory. This nightmarish situation led the working class and the people of Eastern Ukraine to an uprising, through protests, strikes and a long and hard anti-government, anti-fascist struggle which after the referendums and the popular majority which these imprinted, intensified with the proclamation of Peoples’ Democracies in Donetsk and Lugansk and the creation of popular militias.

The imperialists and the neo-liberals and fascists of Kiev in a move of dangerous military adventurism, attempted to quell the anti-government, anti-fascist uprising with a declaration of war against the people of Eastern Ukraine with air and land forces which destroyed basic infrastructure (water, electricity, telecommunications), schools and hospitals and caused more than 2,500 deaths and refugees approaching perhaps 1 million. But the military superiority of the Ukrainian army, fascist squads, mercenaries and the USA military chiefs, met the heroic resistance of the armed people of Donbass who withstood the attack, held their positions and counterattacked, resulting in the rout of the army and fascist militia. This is a very important defeat of the so called “anti-terror campaign” of the far right regime which changed the situation not only at a military but also at a political and diplomatic level. The Porosenko government which faces growing popular discontent across the Ukrainian territory and anti-war outbreaks featuring the wives and relatives of the soldiers is now asking for a truce trying to save itself politically, to gain time to regroup forces and stop the advance of the popular militias.

The USA and EU supported the military operations in every way and now, panic stricken by the advance of the popular militias threaten with NATO intervention in the region, while NATO exercises  in neighboring countries are imminent. Especially the announced of the establishment of a direct intervention NATO brigade along with sanctions and threats is an extremely dangerous development that reveals the danger of war which the sharpening of inter-imperialist contrasts creates. The antifascist struggle of the people of Donbass is at a decisive point. We have absolutely no expectations from and confidence in the Russian leadership, which is interested only in safeguarding the interests of Russian capitalism and in participating in the share of influence of international capital in Ukraine. It is quite indicative of the stance of Russia that during a phase of rapid growth of militancy and confidence of the rioters, Russian diplomacy makes negotiations on their backs, trying to stem the trend of radicalization in the ranks of the people’s army and the population of Donbass.

At such a critical moment, the equation of the two sides fighting within Ukraine only serves the propaganda of Western imperialism and the Kiev regime. The logic of equal distances between the regime, the government of Kiev and the fascists on one hand and the anti-fascists, the labor movement and minorities on the other, is unacceptable. In the fight there are warring sides and we do not stand as observers. We take a position on the side of the anti-fascist struggle. We support the right of self-determination in these areas. We express our solidarity with the anti-fascist and the militant Left of Ukraine. We particularly express our solidarity and support to our comrades of the «Borotba» organization who are targeted by the Kiev regime and fight heroically and at a cost for the coordination and organization of the anti-government and anti-fascist struggle, for the common struggle of the Ukrainian working class regardless of nationality and religion. It is necessary to organize a campaign of counter-information and solidarity to the insurgent people, the striking workers, the minorities, the antifascists and left militants of Southeastern Ukraine. It is necessary to break the climate of numbness and bewilderment that is dominant under the weight of the imperialist propaganda. It is urgent that in Greece, in Europe, in the world, an antiwar movement capable of blocking the war machine in each country, of fighting against the deadly plans of NATO and of putting forward internationalist solidarity is developed. The “Anti-Fascist Campaign” supports the call of the Italian band Banda Bassotti for a campaign to raise money and humanitarian aid and an international solidarity caravan which will visit refugee camps and areas of insurgent Donbass.

The Greek people has every interest in standing by the people of Donbass and in condemning the Greek government which from the first instant shook the hand of the coup leaders. In imposing in uprising terms an anti-war orientation in contrast to the foreign policy of the memoranda coalition. We demand that instead of closing Greek consulates in areas liberated by the popular army, the Greek government ceases diplomatic relations with the Kiev government. The defeat of the fascist and neoliberal partnership is a victory for the working classes and the peoples of the whole world.

  • Victory to the anti-fascist uprising of the people of Eastern Ukraine.
  • Down with the coupgovernmentof Kiev and the fascist squads.
  • Defeat to the designs of the USA-NATO-EU.
  • Solidarity to the anti-fascist left and Borotba.

Antifascist Campaign for Ukraine

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