Solidarity caravan from teachers’ unions from Greece visits in 20/2 the Kobane refugee camps

Solidarity caravan from teachers’ unions from Greece visits in 20/2 the Kobane refugee camps

After initiative of our unions, we have decided to organize the “Solidarity Campaign” to Rojava refugees. We have now decided a 7-member delegation from the teachers’ unions to visit the refugee camps in 20/2 in order a carry the message of solidarity to a people’s fight for freedom, as well as some stuff we have collected as actual proof for this solidarity.

Over the last few months, we have witnessed one of the most ruthless crimes in human history. The march of the islam-fascist ISIS army and the long lasting siege of the Rojava region. We have seen the genocide of the Yezidi people, on mount Sinjar, we have seen Kurdish women and children being sold in slave markets, men executed in the most horrible way. What has left us breathless, however, was the heroic resistance of the Kurdish men and women fighters who, armed with old rifles, crushed the army of the ISIS savages. Men and women of every age who have taken life in their own hands and have been fighting for land and freedom.

Kurds in these regions have been fighting for years without ever being part of a plan supportive to their demand for an independent state. In fact, they are denied basic human rights of self-identification, language, culture and education in either NATO Turkey, or the opposing (to NATO and to each other) Iran and Iraq states, or the once baathic Assad regime in Syria. In this background, the independent cantons of Rojava are a bright example for all people.

A massive movement for national independence, with respect to personal freedom, to different religions, to women’s social position, is trying to put an end to the darkest pages of modern human history, which are a complete creation of this world’s most powerful states.

At this time, international solidarity is needed and this need will be fulfilled. We fulfill it, by gathering necessary stuff for the Rojava refugees from our schools, our students, our colleagues. By going there in order not only to carry a message of solidarity to Kurdish people but also to carry back home the images of victory, dignity and struggle.

Because fighting people are those who will say the final word. Fighting people are the ones who will write history.

Several teachers’ unions in Greece

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