ANTARSYA denounces the authoritarian practices of the Dutch police


European governments continue adopting the hate campaign of extreme right against refugees and immigrants. EU-policies have resulted in many refugees being drowned in the Aegean sea and in building fences at EU’s frontiers. ANTARSYA denounces the authoritarian practice of the Dutch police that yesterday 23/1, the Dutch police arrested 10 women (among them a member of ANTARSYA) protesting peacefully against the provocative anti-refugee campaign of the far-right leader Geert Wilders.

Specifically, on Saturday 23/1, Wilders handed out fake pepper spray to women in the open market of Rotterdam’s popular suburb, Spijkenisse, as a defence-weapon in case of attack by male refugees. Exploiting the events of Cologne, Wilders aims at activating popular conservative reflexes, as refugee centers are set up hastily in  villages, little towns and popular neighborhoods that have been particularly affected by the austerity  policies of the Rutte-government.

In response to a spontaneous invitation for a protest siged by “Feminists for resistance-spray “, 10 women went to Spijkenisse, opened banners and shouted slogans against Wilder’s antimigrant campaign: “Wilders is a fascist, not a feminist”, “Refugees welcome” were the main slogans. Wilders’supporters attacked the 10 women with insults and obscene gestures.

The Dutch Police clearly sided with Wilders, by leaving his followers free to attack verbally the 10 women and finally by arresting the 10 women with allegations of non-display of their identity and breach of the public order. The 10 were taken to the police station, where they faced the miserable behavior of the police. They were put in isolation, faced insults and bullying, while in some cases, they were denied the provision of water, blanket and access to a lawyer. 9 of them were released after six hours, after getting a fine of several hundreds of Euros!

The blunt arrest of the 10 women, the repressive treatment and the tolerance for Wilders’ supporters aim at promoting racism in the Dutch society due to response to refugees’. This polarization benefits in different ways the entire range of the Dutch neoliberal political forces, and in particular Rutte’s government by leaving it undisturbed to promote its highly authoritarian neoliberal agenda.


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