Harsh violence and bloodshed validates the EU-Turkey deal and the Syriza-Anel law passed by the Hellenic Parliament regarding refugees.

Harsh violence and bloodshed validate the EU-Turkey deal and the Syriza-Anel law passed by the Hellenic Parliament regarding refugees.

On last Friday (01/04/2016), 800 refugees detained at Chios’ Hotspot (VIAL) broke down the fence wires, heading towards the port in search of a way to escape. At the same time, 5 platoon police forces were transferred to the island. Further to that, the ferry, changing its routine route, was re-directed and moored 40 km away from the port.

On Saturday (02/04/2016), 78 refugees selected from the remaining population within VIAL were violently carried over the town handcuffed in order to be deported on Monday morning. Refugees were transferred with riot police crates to Tampakika of Chios, whilst nine people in solidarity heading towards VIAL were arrested by the police!

Refugees who escaped from VIAL on Sunday remain in the port and make suicide threats in case of their detention or return to Turkey. Political and social formations as well as individuals insist in standing by their side, defending their democratic rights and safeguarding the territory from events of police and racist violence.

Early on Monday, 4 hours before the announced schedule, 66 refugees from Tampakika were carried over a boat with a Frontex escort and sent back to Turkey. In the same vein, further 136 refugees got deported from Lesvos.

Greek government sends the message in every direction that it will unswervingly implement this agreement, using harsh violent against refugees, people in solidarity and every citizen who will attempt to obstruct their way.

The events of the last days in Chios foreground the real character of this agreement and the law passed on Friday. These events foreshadow what will happen in Greece from now on.

We denounce the Greek government and the horrendous policy of refugees’ deportations.

We call working people and youth to stand by refugees by all means and safeguard the rights and freedoms of the country.

By sending back refugees to reactionary, authoritative regimes and dictatorships or countries such as Turkey where political and democratic rights of its own people have been disdained, where the undeclared war against Kurdish people has been raging, the Greek government becomes an accomplice in the crimes committed.



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