Obama’s visit to Athens on the 15th November, two days before the 43rd anniversary of the social revolt against the military dictatorship that the USA supported, is another provocation of Tsipras’ government.

Behind the image of the peace Nobel holder, the first black president in the USA, hides a ruthless leader of the strongest imperialist machine around the globe, which is responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands civilians, as a result of the invasions in Iraq and Syria and of many black young people murdered by the police within the USA.

Obama is visiting Greece, while the negotiations for the second review of Greece’s rescue plan is in progress, with the Greek government and the Troika to bargain new measures of stringent austerity. Obama has stated several times that he supports the implementation of structural reforms. The USA president, as a representative of global capitalism, applies pressure for faster and deeper wage cuts, market liberalisation and privatisations.

He is visiting Greece, while the war in Syria and Iraq is escalated in a unique sharpening of the imperialist competition, expressed from the Pacific Ocean to Ukraine, the Mediterranean Sea and Africa. The placement of Frontex and the NATO navy in the Mediterranean region, in the name of borders’ protection from the refugees and migrants, the victims of imperialist wars, is becoming the weapon of the USA for escalating imperialist competition and for controlling the specific area.

Obama’s goal is Greece’s deeper engagement with the war in Middle East and with the imperialist plans of the USA. In this direction, the political, economic and military deepening of the reactionary axis of Greece-Cyprus-Egypt-Israel constitutes a main issue.

Obama visits Greece in order to secure the USA dominance in the control of energy deposits in the Aegean Sea and in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea and their transportation routes. These goals will escalate the competition amongst the ruling classes in the area, are related to the determination of the Exclusive Economic Zones in the Aegean Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean Sea and are in contrast to the interests of the Greek people. To the contrary, these goals serve the interests of the USA Transnational Corporations and the capital of the area.

The competition between Greece and Turkey, the emergence of reactionary axes (such as this of Greece-Cyprus-Egypt-Israel), the Turkish invasion in Syria and the continuous attacks on the Kurds and the involution in the imperialist plans do not benefit the people of the area. They sharpen the war risks for the interests of the local ruling classes and the Transnational monopolies which will enjoy the wealth.

Finally, Obama’s presence in Greece is related to the Cyprus dispute since the USA aim at developing a reactionary strategy based on the Anan plan with the contribution of the SYRIZA-ANEL government.

The Greek coalition government argues that Obama visits Greece in order to apply pressure for public debt restructuring. This is just a joke! We should not have illusions. The representative of American imperialism is coming to Greece to “demand” rather than to “offer”.

The solution of the people of the area is not placed with any “protector”. The solution is the common internationalist and anti-imperialist struggle of the people in all the countries of the area:

  • to defend peace and to demand a stop in any participation in the imperialist decisions of the USA and the EU
  • to block the escalation of war in the area
  • to write off the public debts
  • to dissolve the reactionary axis of Greece-Cyprus-Egypt-Israel
  • against the racist agreement among the EU, Turkey and Greece
  • for the free movement and a dignified life with all the social, democratic and working rights of refugees and migrants in all the destination countries and in Greece
  • for the release from the NATO and the EU


We call all the people to participate in the demonstration in Greece

In Athens, Tuesday 15.11, 17.00, marching from the Polytechnic School to the USA Embassy



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