Event: EU and the Radical Left

In the aftermath of the euro elections, the discussion around the EU and its features is deepening. New challenges rise as the wave of questioning the EU since the early 2010s, in the aftermath of the capitalist crisis, dominates the public debate. It is of great concern that this wave is directed towards the far right across the whole EU, although during the last 10 years, the working class and the youth in the EU fought from a progressive perspective so that they wouldn’t pay for the crisis that they did not cause. More recently, the yellow vests movement and the youth struggle against climate change have offered fresh hope to the radical left politics in the EU.

These movements have revealed the reactionary and anti-social structural character of the EU, which covers several dimensions. First, the political, with the EU being the ‘headquarters’ of neoliberal restructuring and reactionary policies, constituting the pillar for resolving the capitalist crisis with banks’ bailouts and huge deterioration of working class people’ living standards. Second, the economic, with the structural division of the EU between the core and periphery. Third, the migration perspective, with the EU forcing millions of poor and unemployed people from the periphery to the core, seeking deeper forms of exploitation, while acting as a fortress against the refugee flows that it caused by joining imperialist invasions. Fourth, the environment, with the EU promoting ‘environmentally friendly’ measures of small and ambiguous efficiency, while allowing the large multinationals making irreversible damage to the environment. Finally, the EU has an important role in the housing restructuring, facilitating the huge urban sprawl, the division between urban and rural areas, the spatial division of cities between poor and rich areas, the huge rise of housing prices, and thus the significant increase of homeless people.

For all these reasons, members of ANTARSYA, the Greek anticapitalist front, living in the UK, organise an event around the analysis of the EU and the response from a radical left perspective. We want to contribute to and deepen the ongoing discussion in terms of the ‘nature’ and structural features of the European capitalist integration. We invite individuals and political forces that consider the question of the political struggle in Europe a relevant cause in order to enrich the debate around the political strategies that the radical left and the labour movement must develop in order to respond.

Speakers include:
Michael Roberts, Marxist Economist
Simon Elmer, Architects for Social Housing
Eddie Dempsey, RMT Union
Nikos Kapitsinis, ANTARSYA UK

Saturday, June 15, 17.00, SOAS University, Room DLT, London



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