No More Austerity! No more EU! No more exploitation! On 21st June we continue the struggle!

The No More Austerity National Demonstration is about to take place just one month after the euro-elections and the expression of the big disapproval in the policies implemented the last three years by the coalition government. It has been just three months since the new annual budget was established. The new budget dictates the maintenance of the policies of austerity, the unequal treatment of the socio-economic classes and the continuation of the attack on labour, health and education. It has been almost six years since the current capitalist crisis emerged, a crisis of falling profit rate for the capitalists and huge losses for them. The governments and the EU made their decision on the way that they would confront this situation very early. Already in 2008, and in the following six years, the governments in the UK and other EU Member States have been implementing austerity policies and budget cuts in the overall context of protecting the strong and attacking the vulnerable classes.

This situation is not really unknown for the British society. In fact, the huge social inequalities had been persistent in the UK in the pro-crisis period. These inequalities have deepened since Cameron’s government’s onslaught against workers and youth. This attack has been expressed by implementing the bedroom tax, allowing Transnational Corporations to operate with a very low taxation rate, putting the National Health System on a fast track of privatization and increasing the tuition fees in tertiary education. Undoubtedly, the Government Austerity Program sacrifices the welfare state in the name of the current account deficit and increasing capitalist profit rate.

The role of the European integration (European Union and Eurozone) is pivotal regarding these procedures. The EU (together with the International Monetary Fund) has been directing this attack in all of its Member States and especially in the periphery (Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain). Therefore, in the overall struggle for a society without exploitation fighting against the EU and the Eurozone is necessary and crucial. This is much more important for the British society where the euro-sceptic racist and far-right party of UKIP was the winner of the euro-elections by absorbing people’s disapproval towards the European integration. However, UKIP seeks to enhance the role of the nation-state in a framework of wider capitalist alliances and seems to be supported by basic parts of the British capital leading to an anti-labour rationale.

The labor and student movements need to continue and strengthen their struggle against the coalition government and broaden the fight against the far-right UKIP and the EU in a wider anti-capitalist direction. Workers and students globally should join the labour and student unions and become active members. The unions need to act in a primary level with assemblies in every workplace and university and give to the workers and students the opportunity to get involved in the decision-making process, organise their struggle and take their lives into their own hands. Strikes and demonstrations are the only way to win!

The resistance against austerity policies and restructures is urgent. ANTARSYA UK supports the ‘No More Austerity’ National Demonstration and calls for solidarity and active participation in the protest on the 21st of June. The No More Austerity National Demonstration is a great chance for continuing and strengthening the struggle!


No More Austerity National Demonstration, Saturday 21st June, 13.00, Portland Square, London



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