No compromise with the EU and the bankers! Thursday 19th February, 18.30, Parliament Square, London.



In the last two weeks the EU, the European Central Bank (ECB) and their representatives contempt and are furious about people’s right to decide for their lives and future. Particularly, Greek people decided on the 25th of January and through their struggles over the last five years to put an end to the Memoranda and the austerity measures. EU representatives send the message that they will not allow any crack in the European construction. They require ‘respect of the agreements’, ‘continuation of the bloody austerity and reactionary reforms’, and a new surveillance from the EU, ECB and International Monetary Fund (IMF) with a new agreement, i.e. a new Memorandum. The blackmail of the ECB on Thursday 4th February was expressed by its decision to lift the current waiver of minimum credit rating requirements for Greek bonds. Based on the reactionary EU Treaties, they require balanced national budgets and current account surpluses. Similar blackmails were noticed in the Eurogroup of Monday 16th February, too.

It is more than obvious that the ECB, European Commission and IMF do neither constitute partners nor interlocutors that will be convinced by arguments as the current government has claimed in the pre-election period. By contrast, they are the representatives of the ruling classes, bankers and multinationals. They will do whatever they can in order to satisfy their interests against the workers, youth and unemployed in the whole of Europe. Loan agreement or Program are different words with the same outcome: legitimation of the debt and compromises against the society.

There is a need for struggle and rupture with them and not for a compromise. The opinions that favour the maintenance of the Euro and the reactionary EU Treaties do not help the struggle of the labour movement to achieve the enforcement of measures in the interests of the people. In addition, the statements of the new Greek government officials about a legitimation of the debt and the 70% of the measures of the Memorandum do not contribute to the realisation of people’s expectations. They have seen the unemployment rising to 27% and their income to decline by 35% while more than 30% live under the poverty line.


We do not expect the EU consent in order to get back what we own and was lost by the Memoranda and the austerity measures. A relief for the people could be achieved by ceasing debt repayment, rupturing with the EU and the euro in an internationalist way and nationalising banks and large businesses under workers’ control.

We do not accept the EU’s and ECB’s blackmail. Respect the will and the decisions of the Greek people

We do not acknowledge the public debt and demand the cessation of payments and cancellation of the debt

Bank and Major Companies Nationalisation, without compensation and under workers’ and social control

No to any new agreement with the EU, ECB and IMF. No to any new Rescue Plan, Loan Agreement, Program or Memorandum 

Unilateral ban of the memorandums, their application laws and colonialism-style loan conventions

Exit from the Eurozone and the EU to put a STOP to the looting of Greek people

We call all the workers, youth and unemployed to take action in Greece, the UK and the whole of Europe! No worker, youth and unemployed is alone! We need to organise the labour struggle in order to satisfy our expectations, to secure and extend our claims and to set ground for an anti-capitalist perspective and social revolutionary change.

For all these reasons, we call all the people to participate in the solidarity demo:

Thursday, 19th February, 18.30, Parliament Square, London



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