Yesterday’s joint statement by the Eurogroup, which the SYRIZA ANEL(Independant Greeks) agreed to, is an unacceptable subordination to the demands of creditors. It comes in direct conflict with the desire, the expectations and demands of the labor movement and the people to end the austerity and exit the catastrophic memoranda and the humiliating control. Rupture and not compromise with the interests of bankers to take back what was stolen from us and to win what we deserve.
This completes the first phase cycle of setbacks after the abandonment of debt cancellation, is a retreat past the the “red lines” that the government had set as the lines not to be crossed.
Specifically with yesterday’s agreement:
– The loan agreement is extended with the commitments attached to it, thus real end in memoranda will not come. The myth that the loan agreement is not a new memoranda also collapses.
– Austerity does not end because the requirement for primary surplus remains, the same time that the “institutions” will constantly monitor the implementation of the Agreement in order to complete the assessment of the current agreement.
– The tap of financing remaining in the ECB hands with the sole aim of ensuring support to the banks and not meet social needs.
– The Troika returns even if it is now called “institutions” to conclude the evaluation of the existing program. Any references to “flexibility” does not negate that will actually require and enforce the implementation of the disastrous policies of the memoranda.
– The Greek government pledged to submit for approval and evaluation of the entire program of its own reforms. Has committed not to proceed with the cancellation of measures and policy changes that will be instead judged and decided by the “institutions” (ie the Troika) in economic recovery and financial stability. This means that the bulk of the memoranda and restructuring measures will remain in place.
Therefore, the application of even the programmatic statements of the government referred to the back burner and it will depend on the evaluation and approval of creditors and “institutions” !! which means full compliance to the extortion of Brussels.
– The Greek government has committed itself to the recognition of the debt and the full repayment of its obligations.
The result of yesterday’s Eurogroup meeting gives us a taste of what things will be like in the four-month “deal” with lenders: a permanent blackmail and a demand on their part not only for retreats but for full compliance with the requirements of bankers and euromanagement.
It has become clear to anymore where this logic leads of negotiations in the euro and inside the European institutions. It proved how dangerous was the line “Neither rupture(Grexit), neither subordination” put forward by SYRIZA-ANEL government.
The real dilemma is still between the rupture with the Euro, cancellation of the debt OR retreat and subordination . Only the immediate cessation of payments and the removal of predatory debt , the exit from the euro , in defiance of the Euro-conditions of the European Treaty and the exit from ” pit of lions “of the EU, the nationalization of banks and large companies with workers control, can be the best answer to blackmail and to pave the way for pro-people policy out of the crisis.
The fighting forces of the Left and the movement should coordinate their forces and to invite workers, the people and youth and put up a large movement against the agreement, the EU’s blackmail and the ECB and the government policy of compromise leading into submission. To impose “unilateral” here and now the objectives of labor and popular movement.
-To Say no to this unacceptable and humiliating “agreement.”
-To Fill the streets and squares demanding all for what we fought for in all these years namely the complete overthrow of memoranda policies, the end of the subordination to the Euro-management and debt cancellation.
– To step up the fight for our rights and needs, to restore all labor rights, for the rehiring of all those fired under the memoranda (ERT, cleaners, school guards, etc.), for the annulment of privatizations, for the overthrow of anti-education measures for the restoration of wages and pensions.
– To choose and impose with our struggles another way, the way of breaking with the euro the the EU, and Capital’s policies, the way of hope and the anti-capitalist overthrow.
ALL OUT ON THURSDAY to the squares and the rallies.


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