Decision of the Central Coordination Committee ANTARSYA, 14.7.2015

Decision of the Central Coordination Committee ANTARSYA, 14.7.2015

No to the parliamentary coup and to the twisting of the NO that people voted for

General uprising against the signing of the new loan agreement, against the implementation of its reactionary laws, against the new memorandum

Overthrow of the policies of the black front- All out confrontation with any variant of the “memorandum government”

1. The agreement reached by the government and the lenders is a complete, humiliating surrender to the demands of the latter. It’s a deeply reactionary and unpopular new memorandum, which promotes mass abolition of the few rights that were left, reactionary “reforms” – restructuring and tougher exploitation. It includes brutal anti-insurance measures, taxation without end, preservation and expansion of poverty for the working class, crushing of the middle and lower classes and peasants, massive sell-off of public property, infrastructure and networks, anti-trade union laws, release of seizures of primary residence.

The provision for the controlling of almost all public property to the new TAIPED under the “supervision” of the Troika, the agreement for the return of Troika back to Athens, the provision for annulment – review of already voted laws, the requirement for prior agreement with the troika regarding each bill before it even comes out in consultation reveal a huge violation of any notion of democratic and popular sovereignty. We are talking about modern colonialism by the capital, creditors and European bureaucracy. Already, the first prerequisites passed yesterday by the parliament, with the agreement of the government, New Democracy, PASOK and POTAMI, which shows that the majority of parliamentary parties line with the motto of “national unity” around the memorandum policy.

Promises of “opening the debate on debt relief” and “Juncker investment package” are used as needed counterbalance in order to pass the new memorandum. Besides, even if these promises come true, they gonna be incentives for the capital’s interests, while the working class and the people will face poverty, extremely low wages, employer terrorism and social destruction.
The coalition of SYRIZA – ANEL proceeded to a parliamentary coup by embezzling the grand NO of the reek people, turning it into a same deal if not worse than that was voted down. No argument, no excuse that the people “did not want a rapture with EU” is valid. The people voted NO with the banks closed and the opponent recruited each weapon to cultivate fear and blackmail that voting NO means rupture and Grexit. The people stood up and spoke. It is a shame for the government to load its choices on the people.

The government cannot continue to govern neither as “minority government”, nor as “government of special purpose” backed up by the bourgeoisie parties. The choice of implementing this frightening memorandum in the name of the Left by a government dependent on New Democracy-PASOK-Potami is a disaster for the people, but also for the whole spectrum of Left. The government of Tsipras has neither formal nor substantial legitimacy to sign the new agreement and bring to a vote the additional “prerequisites”.

2. We can stop the new memorandum! After this high percentage of NO, all the forces of labor and peoples movement, the fighting forces of the Left can and must stand up to block the proceeding of the agreement and its implementation. We have to use the experience of struggles and radicalization of the previous five years as well as the struggles occurred in the last five months. The time of responsibility has come. Any direct or indirect support or tolerance of the agreement, is backing the black front of capital- EU- IMF. The terrorists of EU and IMF, the Greek oligarchy and the media, the government SYRIZA-ANEL will receive a new, more profound, more class, more conscious NO in the frame of rupture with EU and Eurozone, with strikes, demonstrations, mass uprising!

Milestones to fight for the coming period are:

  • Block the pass of the new memorandum of EU- IMF- government SYRIZA – ANEL, supported by New Democracy, PASOK, Potami.
  • Rupture now with the EU, IMF and exit from the Eurozone and EU
  • Stop payments and full debt write off
  • Nationalization of banks and large companies under workers’ control
  • Reversal of memorandum policies and of any government implementing them

3. Objectively, the agenda now brings the question of another Left. Many people understand that any change towards the benefit of the workers cannot take place within the EU and they do understand that EU means memoranda, poverty and tutelage; rupture- exit from EU is needed.
In addition, there is massive breaking away of members, cadres and supporters of SYRIZA and the communist party (KKE) due to its unacceptable stand regarding the referendum. The two parties of the reformist Left were against or not in line with peoples’ moods.

4. Our task is the development of the labor movement and in general the peoples’ struggle to block the reactionary memoranda. We struggle in the trade unions with the workers and the people, calling any fighting left force for new strikes and demonstrations next week.

We promote our action for the formation of peoples’ committees for “NO TILL THE END”. There is significant experience so far in many districts.

ANTARSYA will contribute to a sociopolitical initiative of unionists, activists of the labor movement and the youth, intellectuals, etc. for the “NO of rapture with EU” in order to promote united processes with the people from the perspective of the necessary program of rupture with EU and Eurozone.

5. We forward the political rallying of anticapitalist, anti-imperialist, anti-EU forces and currents in continuation of the initiatives so far. We seek for the intervention of the joined forces in new developments with their declarations, for taking political initiatives and for giving a permanent form to their coordination.

ANTARSYA, Athens, 14.07.15

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