ANTARSYA denounces the Turkish state’s war against Kurdish people

ANTARSYA denounces the Turkish state’s war against Kurdish people

ANTARSYA watches with concern the developments and denounces the attacks of the Turkish state against the Kurdish men and women in the broader Middle East.

The government, after discontinuing every pacificatory process with the PKK (Labor Party of Kurdistan) hitting military targets at Qandil mountain in Iraq, has unleashed a barbaric campaign with women and children victims, generally non combatant civilians at the Turkish Kurdistan area.

At the same time, using as pretense the war against “terrorism”, military operations take place every day targeting the Kurdish movement and not the barbarians of the so called “Islamic State” (ISIS), which is an imperialistic planning’s creation.

In this war which has already cost hundredths of lives until now, the wolf pack of USA, EU and NATO, with the complicity of the Greek government, become factors of instability, war and destruction, giving open support to the plans of Erdogan for bombing the Kurds and creating a “safe zone” in the area inside Syrian borders. At the same time, a few days ago the bases of Incirlik in Turkey have been given to USA’s aircrafts for air-attacks inside Syria. This zone aims to service their imperialistic plans. Practically it is not targeting ISIS, but the Kurdish movement and the socialist experiment of Rojava. It will be a zone of instability, with nonexistent people’s rights, a zone which creates waves of refugees from the Middle East area.

Athens, 18.8.2015


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