General strike 12th of November in Greece. We fight back!

General strike 12th of November

To overthrow old and new Memoranda

Defending workers’ rights against the Government-Capital-EU-IMF

We struggle in order to beat the SYRIZA-ANEL government by the popular movement.

Government-Troika escalate the war against the people

The new SYRIZA-ANEL government implements the barbarian measures of the third memorandum starting the war against the workers, the farmers, the youth.

National budget of poverty. Destruction of pension system. Huge taxes for the people and provocative tax-exemptions for businessmen and ‘investors’. Seizures-auctions of houses. Clearance sale of public property, starting from the ports, airports, railway, energy. New payroll in the public sector with reduced wages, definitive abolition of contracts in private sector. Destruction of small and medium farmers and self-employed people.

These policies aim at supporting capital profitability in order to overcome the historical crisis of capitalism destroying every popular and working right. Their goal is also the continuation of speculation of borrowers and bankers. All these against a society that suffers.


Specifically, with the new pension system the new government aims at applying the full abolition of the social character of insurance and its retributive function. Each of us will pay for his/her insurance. Their plan for the new pension system releases the state from its liabilities, securing just a national pension of 200 euro, leading to super-low pensions. It releases capital from its contribution. After 40 years of employment, the retirement age increases to 67 years old, leading the workers to work until they die and the youth to permanent unemployment.

We will not wait, we do not have any illusions! All workers and people need to resist! In order to impose our ‘NO’!

Tsipras’ lies about a ‘parallel plan’ and that he will apply the Memorandum with ‘social character’ collapse, as from now until December they are in a hurry to implement these austerity measures which will determine a lot of things for the next decades.

They are forgetting something. Against the climate of “there is no alternative” and of disappointment which the government and media are promoting, the resistance has already started at seaports and hospitals and by seamen, shopkeepers etc.

We must fight for the overthrow of the attack by the government- capital – EU – IMF. For the abolition of all the memoranda and the reactionary “reforms” of the capital. For the defeat of the SYRIZA-ANEL government through the struggles of a popular – labour movement. To open a new path to Greek society.

Let’s make the 12th of November strike a defining moment in our struggle. A stepping stone for the next step. So that the battles are strengthened in each industry and every space. We continue and escalate after the 12th of November in order to beat back all attacks!


  • An exclusively public sector insurance scheme, on the basis of social needs with insurance for everyone. Pensions at the age of 60 (55 for women) or after 30 years of work. Full insurance for all kinds of flexible employment and periods of unemployment paid by the employers and the state. No pensions bellow 900 euros. Abolition of all reactionary insurance laws. A return to the public funds of everything that was stolen from them (like the 11 billion euros of the PSI, the reserves which were taken during the first half of 2015, the 70 billion euros which were looted until 2010 with structured bonds etc.)
  • Measures against the nightmarish unemployment here and now. Unemployment benefitswithout preconditionsat the heightof the minimum wage. At least 40 thousand recruitments in the education and health sectors so that the gaps are filled and they don’t collapse. Regular recruitments to stop the outrage of the employers grants and the unemployment recycling programs. Nationalization of all closed factories and their reopening under workers control. Reduction to the retirement age and working hours.
  • Increases in wages. Immediate enforcement of a minimum wage of 751 euros. Restoration of collective agreements and wages in the public and private sector to 2009 levels. Against discrimination towards younger workers.
  • No privatizations. Nationalization without compensation and operation under workers control of banks and strategic enterprises.
  • The defense of farmers from the EU and landlords. The protection of the self employed from tax plunder, the liberalization of markets and the advance of multinationals.
  • Asylum and housing to immigrants and refugees. Legalisation of all immigrants and refugees, no to ‘Europe fortress’. Frontex out of Greece. We demand the abolition of Frontex. We demand the end of the Evros fence. We demand safe and free border crossing. We demand the abolition of the Dublin II Treaty. Stop the imperialist wars. No participation of Greece in these wars. We demand the conviction of fascist murderers of Golden Dawn.

We can impose these goals by rupture with the capital, the one-way of exploitation, the EU and IMF. We need to continue by no-legitimation, stopping payments and writing off the debt. We need to struggle for exiting the Eurozone and EU.

With the organised people for the overthrow and rupture up to the end!

The government has proven that it is hostile for the working class and the people. They make efforts to convince us that there is the only one way, this of Memoranda, as Samaras, Venizelos and Papandreou did, otherwise the country will collapse.

In reality, what are collapsing are the illusions cultivated by SYRIZA that it will abolish the memoranda without breaking with the capitalists, the creditors and their state, inside the Eurozone and the EU. The “neither rupture, nor subjection” policy.

In this new round which is starting, we must take our struggle to the end. Without retreating to the blackmails of the creditors and employers which we will find before us, as in the battle for the “NO”.

The battles to come can be won by a class reconstructed workers movement and the organized people. With assemblies and comities of struggle in the workplaces. By building our own coordination from bellow with the comities of struggle and grassroots unions, with popular assemblies in the neighborhoods. With common action with all the fighting forces of the movement and the left.

Against the new government and employer unionism which sees struggles as ceremonial rifle shots. With a plan, coordination and escalation so that our battles are won, so that Tsipras has the luck of…Giannitsis!


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