ANTARSYA FRANCE: The most difficult night in Paris

The most difficult night in Paris

Their war, our dead


A unique attack in European history took place on Friday night. Terrorists related to the Islamic State (according to the information until now) killed more than 129 people with almost 200 injured, a lot of whom are in a critical condition. The testimonies, specifically from the Bataclan concert hall, in the 11th arrondissement are horrifying. Terrorists shot in the crowd and killed people one by one, whilst they were belted with explosives for accomplishing their aim when police would arrive.

The shock of this attack is greater than ever. The black ravens of the EU and extreme right wing invest on this feeling of mourning and anger. Marie Le Pen, seeking for a way to appear as the only reliable power of security, referred to the ‘right but belated’ borders’ closure asking for its permanent expansion and for the rearmament of the French police and army. This is the centrepiece of her political party campaign of intimidation and islamophobia. The failed and respondent to financial scandals, ex-president Sarkozy referred to the war that terrorists declared and highlighted the need for response, apparently military response in and outside France. The big winner, president Hollande, whose popularity was in the lowest post-war rates, stated that he was devastated, declared the French State in emergency starting strict controls in the borders and highlighted the need for national unity. Contrary to this ‘holy alliance’, the French political parties have already begun to juxtapose the Syrian refugees who constitute the direct reason for borders’ closure. The victims of ISIS, who defied many hardships in order to escape from them, are equated to terrorists.

These attacks, ten months after these on Charlie Hebdo, confirm a dreary phenomenon in the French society. The perpetrators have not been identified, however it seems that most of them were French citizens. French citizens of a lower level, excluded, poor, recruited by the Islamofascists of ISIS either to fight in the Middle East or to prepare attacks in the countries of unbelievers. A cycle of blood that is fed by the imperialist interventions which are greatly supported by the latest ally of Tsipras, Francois Hollande. During a period in which the French army is interfering in more countries than the USA and that after the attacks of November 13th is expected to increase its forces. ‘Social-democrat’ Hollande struggles to become the bloodiest president of post-war France, having already interfered in Mali, Libya, the Central African Republic and of course in Syria. In Syria, the blind air attacks against the Islam fascists of ISIS, partisans and Assad sympathizers have started again in the last days after the arrival of the Charles De Gaul aircraft carrier in the area.

The military arm of European imperialism is fully expressed through the militaristic development of France in recent years. In perfect harmony with Germany which has undertaken the role of policing the EU’s internal and financial affairs, France has followed a policy outlined by Sarkozy since 2007 and has strengthened the French army so that it can intervene abroad. The direct interventions in Africa, M. East and the indirect intervention in the Ukraine show the trend of European Imperialism which is becoming increasingly aggressive, within and outside EU borders.

Another element that has met an enormous increase after Charlie Hebdo is the counter-terrorist action of the police and the army. An action whose only effect, as was demonstrated in the most tragic way, apart from costing the French taxpayer is to reduce freedoms and to target the most excluded parts of the population even more and is considered as the only mode of action against the collectively “evil”. In fact, in his statement after yesterday’s tragic events, President Hollande warned that the implementation of the emergency status, will free police to raid homes without need for judicial intervention.

The stance of the Front de Gauche is also sad. Its two main components, the Parti de Gauche and the PCF have aligned with the wave of national conciliation. The first by postponing the conversation about the causes and highlighting the issue of defending the Republic, while the PCF, more vulgar as usual, backs the emergency status.

Fortunately, the honor of the left was saved by the Lutte Ouvriere and the NPA when they refused to leave aside the enormous responsibility of the policies of the French State. The slogan of the announcement of the comrades of the NPA “Vos guerres, nos morts”, “Your war, our dead” expresses us perfectly. As in Ankara a little while ago, as in Syria every day, we do not tolerate any national unity with those who conduct wars. The islamofascism of ISIS has faced a much more dynamic response from the Rozava guerillas than from those who nurtured it and no longer control it.

But, the hardest, most difficult and timely task of the revolutionary left is to reverse the tide of Muslim youth towards the Islamofascism of ISIS. This cannot be done by wishing it and the French left has moved away from these segments of the population. Once again it is shown that radical events like the uprising of the suburbs 10 years ago do not necessarily lead to a shift to the left. Today when ISIS volunteers throughout the civilized West multiply, we know very well that the imperialist centers cannot and do not want to reverse this climate. Today, we must become the stanchion of the refugee, the immigrant, the excluded, by putting forward class solidarity, thus removing him from the vortex created by the state repression and the semblance of significance offered by the fascists.


Neither Islamic nor European, no fascism shall pass




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